Shore Land Protection Moratorium?

Less than one year after its passage, the New Hampshire Senate is already considering a moratorium on the Comprehensive Shore land Protection Act.

Legislators has heard testimony on Senate Bill 139-FN and will discuss the moratorium in an executive session early this month.  Continue reading


50-foot rule for shore owners

Thousands of shorefront property owners and builders across the state are on a crash course to understand a new permit system that goes into effect tomorrow.

Effective July 1, a state shoreland permit is required for Continue reading

Shoreland Protection Act – Deadline For Enactment Set!

CONCORD — Governor John Lynch has signed a bill that sets the new deadline for enactment of the state’s Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act at July 1. Continue reading

New shoreline protection rules delayed until July

After weeks of debate, it appears the legislature has agreed on a compromise that will see the implementation of stricter shorefront construction laws being delayed to July 1 Continue reading

Shoreland Protection Act Update

The NH House RR&D committee will meet in executive session today, Tuesday 4/22/08 at 1:00 to discuss the proposed changes Continue reading

Latest Regarding Shoreland Protection Act Effective Date

In the latest of volleys .. the word is that the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee today apparently discussed the issue regarding the change of the effective date Continue reading

New shore rules in effect … but

Article Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tougher shoreland protection laws took another step into a state of confusion on Tuesday Continue reading