Shore Land Protection Moratorium?

Less than one year after its passage, the New Hampshire Senate is already considering a moratorium on the Comprehensive Shore land Protection Act.

Legislators has heard testimony on Senate Bill 139-FN and will discuss the moratorium in an executive session early this month. 

Speaking for the moratorium at last week’s hearing, but calling for only a reversion to the pre-CSPA legislation, Gilford resident and engineer Barbara Aichinger said people who own land along the state’s river banks and lakefronts have every interest in preventing the environmental degradation of their property, but the new regulations are unwieldy and expensive and hurt land owners who have small parcels.

“When they try to sell they can’t, because any potential buyers are scared off by the regulations,” she said.

Rene Pelletier is the assistant director of the Water Division for the Department of Environmental Services and said a complete moratorium “would constitute an unprecedented step backward.”

S.B. 139-FN asks for a one year halt and the creation of another commission to restudy the regulations.

“…the CSPA in its current form was the product of a 24 member study commission convened from September 2005 until November 2006,” Pelletier said in his testimony against the moratorium adding the stakeholders in S.B. 139 are the same stakeholders on the original not far from perfect, and that the DES supports “cooperative improvements” like those proposed by Senate Bill 134 that redirects monies from civil and administrative penalties to a review fund and removes some notification requirements for public access and utility projects.

Moultonborough attorney Keith Nelson said a moratorium would create a one-year development free-for-all.

A moratorium would expose our shore lands to unfettered and potentially dangerous development,” said Nelson who said Moultonborough had protected its shore land before the CSPA by additional regulations, but eliminated them when the new law took effect last July.


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