New shoreline protection rules delayed until July

After weeks of debate, it appears the legislature has agreed on a compromise that will see the implementation of stricter shorefront construction laws being delayed to July 1 Continue reading


Ice Out Declared on Lake Winnipesaukee!

After a long and difficult winter, residents can rest assured that summer is on the way with the Wednesday night declaration of “Ice-Out” on Lake Winnipesaukee Continue reading

Ice Out Could Happen Today!


The ice is on the move and the flows are piling up on the rocks as they move on through the Weirs channel.

Those who monitor the annual melting of the ice on Lake Winnipesaukee say official Ice-Out could come as early as today Continue reading

Shoreland Protection Act Update

The NH House RR&D committee will meet in executive session today, Tuesday 4/22/08 at 1:00 to discuss the proposed changes Continue reading

Winnipesaukee Travel By Hovercraft!

When are some times you will see a hovercraft on Winnipesaukee? Keep an eye out for George Randall Continue reading

Boating Speed Limit Debated Again in Concord

After reading this article published today … I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on the matter of a speed limit on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Continue reading

The Winter Of 2007-08 Was Golden!

The winter of 2007-08 is past and people in many parts of New England are glad of it, but for others? Let the winter of 2008-09 be as grand. Continue reading