Join The NH Shorefront Association Today!

New Hampshire


The NHSA has been founded to promote and protect the interests and rights of
NH waterfront owners from the SEACOAST to the LAKES REGION
and into the NORTH COUNTRY, all shorefront owners and professionals should get involved. 


 The NH Shorefront Association (NHSA) is dedicated to awareness of regulatory proposals and potential changes that may affect shorefront property.  The NHSA is the only state-wide organization focused specifically on the interests of waterfront owners and dedicated to balanced resource management.  We believe that reasonable development and reasonable environmental stewardship can exist in harmony.  We want to protect water quality for generations to come.

During the Fall and Winter of 2006-07, in reviewing the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (CSPA) many changes were discussed, hearings were held, and statutes were passed by the NH Legislature with little input from the actual waterfront regulated community.  Only at the very end of the process, after the NH House had already passed the bills, did shorefront owners get involved in the process.  It was at this point that a number of us realized that there needed to be a better way to get information available, during the off season, to waterfront owners and interested parties.  The obvious next step is to use this information to lobby pro-actively on behalf of shorefront owners.

By joining, you will be aware of proposals and future changes that affect your property and you will have access to information so that you can be involved in the process up-front, rather than after the changes have already been enacted.  As our organization grows, we endeavor to pro-actively affect change in the regulatory environment affecting waterfront property.

Our website is your first link to the regulatory arena.  If you are interested, our e-mail updates can advise you of proposed changes to allow you to become involved in the process.

Primary founding issues of the NHSA:

  • Statewide representation of shorefront interests from a landowner perspective…
  • Improve awareness of legislative initiatives affecting shorefront owners…
  • Provide coordinated input for balance regarding protection of water quality,
    environmental issues, and private property rights in legislative and regulatory measures…
  • Improve communication between shorefront property owners and regulatory agencies
    at local, state, and federal levels…
  • Improve understanding and implementation of Wetlands and Shorefront Protection
    statutes and administrative rules…


 We need broad-based support for this state-wide association.  Remember, the NHSA represents all shorefront property owners including; rivers, lakes, ponds, and seacoast tidal areas.  Please discuss these issues with your neighbors and explain that regulatory change does not take place in a vacuum.  Talk to your local Representatives and Senators and let them know your thoughts.  We encourage you to get involved in the process. 

Obviously, your financial contributions are necessary to maintain and grow the organization, but just as important is growing our membership roster.  Our membership is not just waterfront property owners but also professionals involved in the shoreland zone such as;  landscapers, builders, realtors, marinas, architects, land planners, surveyors, marine contractors, engineers, homeowner associations, property managers, dock builders, and other commercial interests.  We encourage you to get involved now.



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