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Looks Like October 1st 2007 for Shoreland Protection Act Changes

Dear Prospective NHSA Members,

SENATE UPDATE: the NH Senate voted yesterday to approve the amendment to HB-1151 that moves the effective date of the CSPA to October 1, 2008. Continue reading

NH Shoreland Protection (Overview)

Shoreland Protection
What you need to know about the protection of the lakes and surface waters of New Hampshire Continue reading

Minimum Shoreland Protection Standards

I. The standards in this section are designed to minimize shoreland disturbance so as to protect the public waters, Continue reading

Shoreland Protection

The shorelands of the state are among its most valuable and fragile natural resources and their protection is essential to maintain the integrity of public waters. Continue reading


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NH Shorefront Association

The NH Shorefront Association (NHSA) is a non-profit corporation (501(c)(4) corp.) registered with the NH Secretary of State and organized to represent shorefront property owners and interested parties Continue reading